Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tell Me About Magick?

I first met William S. Burroughs in London, at Duke Street, St James, in 1971 after a brief series of postal correspondence. It actually felt and seemed strange, as I had discovered his existence via Jack Kerouac as mysterious character "Bull Lee." Confirmation of his being an actual person led me to the porn district of Soho in 1965, where I snagged a copy of a first edition actually, with dust jacket by Brion Gysin, of Naked Lunch. It had been prosecuted for obscenity, so porn shops were the only places in those days to buy Burroughs, Henry Miller, and Jean Genet and pretty much everything else I was consuming as confirmation, vindication and affirmation as a 15-year old. Six years after beginning my Beat odyssey via books, my very first question to him, a living, breathing, Beatnik legend in the flesh was ... "Tell me about magick?"
- Genesis P-Orridge, "Magick Squares and Future Beats: The Magickal Process and Methods of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin"

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