Saturday, November 15, 2008

Apollo in the Morning, Dionysus at Night

Last night's fever visions (fever from friction of focusing in distraction-zone of World's End):

1. Children of Mictlantecuhtli: 5-8 naked guys, sitting "indian style" or legs splayed in fallen Vs while leaning back on their hands, or simply on their knees. They sit in circle around smiling God of Death.  The latter paws the air with clawed hands - as if storytelling? about to reach down and scoop up a boy to eat? Nighttime woods, but each boy lit as if by Mictlantecuhtli-as-Black-Sun. Or perhaps each lit from within: sick lemon light, phosphorescent ectoplasm, cat eyes in the dark ...

2. Kouros-in-ruins as Orpheus-torn-limb-from-limb. Holy Mountain animals circle, crying, drooling: wolves, lambs, lions, oxes ...  "Dust shall be the serpent's food ..."

3. Language as malevolent vegetation unfurling from mouth of Kouros/Jhon Balance/myself.  "A green light filled the room and burned through the boy's flesh--Suddenly he sat up talking in Mayan--The words curled out his mouth and hung visible in the air like vine tendrils--I felt a strange vertigo which I recognized as the motion sickness of time travel--" (WSBII, The Soft Machine)

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