Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Destroys, Also Nourishes

What Destroys, Also Nourishes (For W.P.)

This frightens me:

His forward torso, thrust-out ass, palms of clawed hands up and out, and ear-to-ear grin on a moon face - he's predatory, bending over to snatch up his victim, but salacious too, like he's begging to get fucked. Mocking, shameless. Also, the heart plunging out from under his rib cage: a garish, puckered flower.

He also reminds me of Artemis, goddess of the Hunt and of the Moon, never to marry. Moonlight in branches draws a face, palms of clawed hand, up and out.

Thinking also of a grid reflected in
a broken mirror. Delany put it better, so I set this quote aside: "leafless branches like shatter lines on the night's smoked glass."

Made this for W.P., R.I.P.

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