Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ghost Vomit

The name of this blog is borrowed from a favorite song of mine called "Heartworms" by the late and beloved Coil. Over a lurching, churning pattern of electronic noises, Jhon Balance chants, Magus-like, "There's too much blood in my alcohol," and then further on, after moaning about demons entering in through his ears: "Ghosts vomit over me." More on Coil:

I intend this as an experiment, a hybrid journal, sketchbook, and archive. Experiences, enthusiasms, and exorcisms are game. How do myriad threads of thought combine into a full-throttle idea? I might tear this down. I don't know what its supposed to do. I don't know if it will violate tacit protocol (of discretion? maintenance of illusions?) - and, if that were the case, would that constitute a reason itself?

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