Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Notes on drawing

-Pattern recognition -- cooling of chaos into form -- Chaos as Id, "the It," primordial soup -- form as false mastery, language as primal technology --- dead trees: "close reading" of chaos -- attempt to render, master an object that resists imposition of form, explication of language

-Driver's view/passenger's view -- sideways attention: the margins of one's field of vision -- what is left behind, cast off, waste products of the focus required for main activity -- temporality, palimpsest, motion study, net -- overlaps, adjacent placements, more or less randomly generated, photographic slice, "word and image dust" (WSB2)

-World/pin-head/cut/virus/ghost of a flea -- sun-through-forest canopy/camouflage/broken alphabet/death-by-hanging

-Pulverize language to liberate new meaning -- from other side, emblematize repression of discursive frame (caption, series, chain of explanation) -- writing by other means

-To be everything/to rule everything -- control/no control --- elevation/ground -- all fours/upright on two legs -- Forrest Bess/Frank Stella

--Dead child buried in the snow

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