Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Secret Beach #2

Liam Warfield interviewed me for the second issue of his zine, Secret Beach.  I haven't seen it yet, and I might sound like a blathering idiot--we split a large bottle of cheap wine while talking.  He is an excellent writer, though, and I trust he shaped my verbiage into something comprehensible.  Also featured in the issue are Gay Liberation Network's Andy Thayer and the long-running, witchy no wave group, ONO.  Liam also has a blog called Secret Beach, and plays really wonderful music sometimes.  He decamped for Berlin weeks after I met him--sadly for me, no doubt quite happily for him.  I'm not sure where one can find issues of the zine other than at Quimby's in Chicago, but they are certainly floating around somewhere out in the world...

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Killer Luka said...

nice work. You are a fucking crackhead but anyone who uses the word "verbage" in a sentence is cool in my my fucking witch book that is. It's the size of a cheap hairbrush and made out of squirrel hides, teenage toenails and northern english angst, yo.
peace, brother.
keep drawing xxx