Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love Spell

from William S. Burroughs' The Ticket That Exploded:
The young monk led Bradly to a cubicle-On a stone table was a tape recorder-The monk switched on the recorder and sounds of lovemaking filled the room-The monk took off his robe and stood naked with an erection-He danced around the table caressing a shadowy figure out of the air above the recorder-A tentative shape flickering in and out of focus to the sound track-The figure floated free of the recorder and followed the monk to a pallet on the floor-He went through a pantomime of pleading with the phantom who sat on the bed with legs crossed and arms folded-Finally the phantom nodded reluctant consent and the monk twisted through a parody of lovemaking as the tape speeded up: "Oh darling i love you oh oh deeper oh oh fuck the shit out of me oh darling do it again"-Bradly rolled on the floor, a vibrating air hammer of laughter shaking flesh from the bones-Scalding urine spurted from his penis-The Other Half swirled in the air above him screaming, face contorted in suffocation as he laughed the sex words from throat gristle in bloody crystal blobs-His bones were shaking, vibrated to neon-Waves of laughter through his rectum and prostate and testicles giggling out spurts of semen as he rolled with his knees up to his chin-
All the tunes and sound effects of "Love" spit from the recorder permutating sex whine of a sick picture planet: Do you love me?- ...

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